The First Periodic Table of Elements!!

This is the first periodic table of elements created by Dimitri Mendeleev in 1871

In 1869, just five years after John Newlands put forward his Law of Octaves, Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev published a periodic table. Mendeleev also arranged the elements known at the time in order of relative atomic mass, but he did some other things that made his table much more successful. While there were other tables that were created before his, Mendeleev's table is the first one that is similar to the one we use today.

About Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev

Some Other Interesting Facts

  1. Mendeleev's periodic table of elements came about because he was writing a book about chemistry and wanted a better way to organize and list the known elements of the time.
  2. An impact crater on the Moon is named after Mendeleev.
  3. Element 101, discovered in 1955, called Mendelevium was named after Dimitri Mendeleev.

Info for the Lunar Crater Named Mendeleev

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